About Us

The Beginning of a Legacy

Back in 2015, Mussie and Harena moved to the United States. Like every great moving experience, there was an adjustment phase. The culture, the norms, and the routines were completely different from the life they previously knew. After tedious planning, Harena and Mussie finally figured out a strategy to pursuit their dreams. Troubled by the standard currently held by restaurants, Harena and Mussie wanted to set the bar higher. On December 23, 2017, their vision finally became a reality in the form of what we know now today as MarRosso Cafe.

The MaRosso Difference

We put nothing less than 110% in our craft. Within our cuisine comes a dining experience like never before seen. From the wholesome ingredients we've finely selected, to the tediously refined process we call our recipes; it becomes clear what the MaRosso difference is.

MaRosso's 110% Belief

Ingredients 50%
Refined Process 30%
Presentation 30%